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Today it would do us good to think - as an act of gratitude to God - about those who accompany us on our journey through life: family members, friends, colleagues... The Lord wants us to be together as a people. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving us alone!  #HomilySantaMarta

Often we forget the Lord and deal with other gods: money, vanity, pride. Let us ask for the grace to understand when our heart begins to slide into worldliness. God's grace and love will stop us if we ask in prayer.  #HomilySantaMarta

 #PopeFrancis invites Christians to remember those who accompany us on the journey of life.  #HomilySantaMarta http://ow.ly/knn250ymswd

We ask the Lord to increase our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in our hearts: He who assumed our human nature, who became Man in order to fight with our flesh and to conquer in our flesh.  #HomilySantaMarta

Today the Church praises smallness. God's works begin by sprouting from a seed, from little things. Jesus speaks about this smallness of the Kingdom: the small heart, humble, that is open to the revelation of the Lord.  #HomilySantaMarta

Today the Church praises stability. “Trust in the Lord forever, because the Lord is an eternal Rock” (Isa 26:4). Those who trust in the Lord will always be safe, because their foundations are sunk into the Rock.  #HomilySantaMarta

"Like a shepherd He feeds His flock, in His arms He gathers the lambs, carrying them in his bosom, leading the ewes with care" (Is 40:11), so the Lord comforts us.  #HomilySantaMarta

There are two attitudes typical of lukewarm Christians: putting God in a corner - either you do this for me or I won't go to Church anymore - and washing our hands of those in need. Let us get rid of these attitudes to make space for the Lord who is coming.  #HomilySantaMarta

In these days before  #Christmas we praise the Lord for the gratuitousness of salvation, for the gratuitousness of life, for everything he gives us for free. Everything is grace.  #HomilySantaMarta

So many people live without knowing what goes on in their hearts. We ask for the grace to remain in the Lord and to distinguish the Spirit of God from the spirit of the world, so that our heart may be the meeting point between God and us.  #HomilySantaMarta

If we have no peace in our hearts, how can we think there will be peace in the world? Let's try to remain in the Lord, and the way to do so is to love, and to love in little things.  #HomilySantaMarta

Jesus had authority because there was consistency in what he taught and what he did, in how he lived. Authority is seen in this: consistency and witness.  #HomilySantaMarta

The Lord has so much compassion, He involves Himself in our problems. Let us often repeat this simple prayer: Lord, I am a sinner, have mercy on me, have compassion for me.  #HomilySantaMarta

Jesus looks at the paralytic and focuses on what is essential: "Your sins are forgiven". Physical health is a gift that we must preserve but the Lord teaches us that we must also preserve the health of the heart, spiritual health.  #HomilySantaMarta

Being Christian does not mean defending yourself with an ideology in order to move forward. To be Christian is to be free, because we have confidence, because we are docile to the Word of the Lord.  #HomilySantaMarta

Through Baptism, we Christians are all anointed by the election of the Lord, and this is a pure gift. Today let us ask the Holy Spirit to be able to preserve this gift with faithfulness. This is Christian holiness.  #HomilySantaMarta

The Gospel will not go forward with boring, bitter evangelizers. No. It will only go forward with joyful evangelizers, full of life.  #HomilySantaMarta

"The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you." (Mk 4:24). Let us ask the Lord for the grace to not fear the cross, let us ask for the capacity to feel humiliated, because this is the path He has chosen for us to be saved.  #HomilySantaMarta

May the Lord give us the grace to send us a prophet always - be they a friend, our confessor, our child, our mother - who warns us when we are slipping into a feeling that everything seems legitimate because we have lost our sense of sin.  #HomilySantaMarta

Brothers and sisters, in moments when we are far from God, it would do us good to hear this voice in our heart: "My son, my daughter, what are you doing? Please, don't kill yourself. I died for you."  #HomilySantaMarta

Both John the Baptist, who is the greatest man born of woman, and the Son of God have chosen the path of humiliation. God shows this path to Christians so they can move forward. One cannot be humble without having suffered humiliation.  #HomilySantaMarta

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