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Bloomberg bought his third term. Just like he said he bought Congress and like he’s trying to buy the presidency. He couldn’t be bothered to earn it like the other Dems &  @Donald J. Trump did.  #Bloomberg is above having to spend the time with people he thinks of as peasants!

Bloomberg, who's been shading his record on stop-and-frisk in misleading ways, today he said it was the City Council that gave him his third term. Bloomberg sought it, spent heavily for it and played aggressive politics to get it https://nypost.com/2020/02/28/bloomberg-downplays-central-role-in-changing-city-term-limits/

Yikes scary stuff. The Bloomberg China network Michael Bloomberg’s China baggage is too heavy for the White House.  #bloomberg https://spotlight.licas.news/the-bloomberg-china-network/index.html

When the Billionaire Family Behind the Opioid Crisis Needed PR Help, They Turned to Mike Bloomberg  #bloomberg https://www.propublica.org/article/bloomberg-sacklers-opioid-crisis-public-relations

I remember when Michael  #bloomberg was mayor  #nyc, the MTA had a strike and gridlocked the city. Mike's answer was to car pool with strangers in New York City, which was a dangerous thing to do. Mike will gridlock the country  #election2020  #MikeBloomberg2020  #trump  #conservative

Bloomberg has brought Democrats and Republicans together in their mutual hatred for Michael Bloomberg.  #Bloomberg  #FeelTheBern2020

 @Boston Globe Opinion  @Bernie Sanders  @Elizabeth Warren  @Amy Klobuchar  @Scot Lehigh This is not only nonsensical, it also emits the stench of benevolent sexism. Would  @Scot Lehigh have objected to  #Bernie campaigning in Delaware, Indiana, or New York, to spare  #Biden,  #Buttigieg, or  #Bloomberg? But he asks  #Bernie to be chivalrous to  #Klobuchar and  #Warren.

Le candidat milliardaire «démocrate» Mike  #Bloomberg a des liens avec Leslie  #Wexner, Ghislaine  #Maxwell et Jeffery  #Epstein, entre autres notables comme Harvey  #Weinstein, récemment condamné. https://www.mintpressnews.com/mike-bloomberg-ties-jeffery-epstein-harvey-weinstein/265369/

MSNBC - 2/28/2020 - 11th Hour - @MMFlint Michael Moore interview about #Bloomberg and #Bernie


MSNBC - 2/28/2020 - 11th Hour -  @Michael Moore Michael Moore interview about  #Bloomberg and  #Bernie 1/3

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