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Omicron Persei 8

2015-03-21 10:14:09

Are they making too big a deal about the toothbrush?  #MAFSAustralia  #MAFSAU  #MarriedAtFirstSightau  #MarriedAtFirstSight

Now, did I hear Haley say she saw David "out of my carricular vision"???  #MAFSAustralia  #MAFSAU  #MarriedAtFirstSightau  #MarriedAtFirstSight

Hey  @Travis Tefft &  @Sam Roberts , can  @Jim & Sam give me a ruling on this one please? It's an old song, but a new performance. Are we allowed to like it?? https://youtu.be/-VhFiSHeBn4

Australia: Haley, shut the fuck up!  #MAFSAustralia  #MarriedAtFirstSightau  #mafsau

I'm still a little blown away that "sex shaming" is a thing  #mafsau  #MarriedAtFirstSightau  #MAFSAustralia

Hey Steve, your over 50 years old and you've now failed on MAFS and First Dates Australia. Time to stop shaving the arm pits and every other inch of your body buddy  #mafsau  #MarriedAtFirstSightau  #MAFSAustralia

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