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Wow — a political advocacy group founded by  @Bernie Sanders entered into an NDA with a black employee to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit. I bet Sanders would hate it if  #BerniesNDA started to trend!!

 #JacSim like this trend!

good morning! thank you for making #SaSusunodNaHabangbuhay trend at no. 1. love you all.

good morning! thank you for making  #SaSusunodNaHabangbuhay trend at no. 1. love you all.

I have records that trend without them dropping. I don't even need a PR Stunt to get em talking. I AM !!! THE LANDLORD!!!! MORE bangers on the way cause im  #GoodForThat. SIYAWANYATHELA AMADIMONI!!!!

Make  #WorldsBiggestTeaParty trend worldwide!

Congratulations @DennisCricket_ it’s trending on top in UAE 👏👏👏#WorldsBiggestTeaParty

Congratulations  @#WorldsBiggestTeaParty it’s trending on top in UAE 👏👏👏 #WorldsBiggestTeaParty

Good news - GDP finally shows an upward trend. Grows at 4.7% against 4.5% in the previous quarter. Phew 😅  @Manish Kumar  @News24 India

New from  @Peter Montgomery: Yesterday, Charlie Kirk directly mentioned seven mountains dominionism during his speech to CPAC. It's a trend; Kirk has recently leaned into his alliances with Christian nationalists and dominionists. It should concern us all.

i love how basic age-related changes in behavior are recast as trends because millennials are doing them. like, oh wow, people drink less in their 30s than their 20s? the hot new millennial trend: having children!

It’s a trend: ✔️ American economic confidence HIGHEST since 2000. ✔️ American satisfaction with US position in world HIGHEST since 2003. It’s President  @Donald J. Trump!

FM: "While you have year on year fluctuations, the long-term trend in Scottish education and in exam passes in particular is one of improvement. We see more young people leaving school with these qualifications now than was the case when this gov't took office."  #FMQs

Thank you po for choosing  #MIWYBreakthrough! Thank you for making us trend again! If you haven’t watched our latest YT video with LizQuen, head over to  #MakeItWithYou Plus YT channel now! 💜

In case you missed it: Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli has finally reached 100 Million views for her song Tala's music video. Meanwhile, SarahGG TALA100MillionViews continues to trend on twitter. Read full story here:

Does everyone participating in the white sneaker trend buy new sneakers every week or just clean them with a toothbrush every night...? Bc omg

Bundesliga teams continue the trend of winning every knockout game so far: Borussia Dortmund 2-1 PSG Tottenham 0-1 RB Leipzig Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 Porto Eintracht Frankfurt 4-1 Salzburg Wolfsburg 2-1 Malmo Malmo 0-3 Wolfsburg Porto 1-3 Leverkusen

Can we make  #RestaurantImpossible on  @Food Network TREND tonight!?lets get those Retweets going twitter fam! 💪🏻 🔪

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