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The trend is not over who has gone to sleep ?  #ManOfWordSid

You trend many things ,all fan clubs should unite & trend  #ScriptedBiggBoss13 . Thats how you can make a difference.. makers have decided to make Siddhart shukla winner of  #biggboss13 , they’ll cross every limit to slander other contestants image just to make shukla look good.

BB 13: Fans trend 'Queen Of Hearts Rashami' on Twitter

I respect the feelings of fans of all other contestants Asim, Rashmi, Vishal, Paras, Arti, Shehnaaz but yesterday’s  #WeekendKaVaar is 100% proof that producers have decided to make  #Shukla winner of  #BiggBoss13! So no trend or voting going to help any other contestant.  #BB13!

Thank you for making us trend kapamilya!!! #ASAPNatinTo 🥳🥳🥳

Thank you for making us trend kapamilya!!!  #ASAPNatinTo 🥳🥳🥳

Chuslets and rodents have invaded the trend. Some disguised as Sid fans!  #ManOfWordSid

The trend is still on. Keep tweeing!  #ManOfWordSid

अब ये क्यों trend करवा रहे है लोग  #संबित_पात्रा_देश_के_लिए_कचरा_है ये बेहद गलत है !! गुस्सा आ रहा है यार 😡😡 Please RT या comment मत करना इस पर तो !!

Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla fans trend  #FairAndHonestSid post speaking about Asim Riaz and Shehnaaz Gill -  #BiggBoss13  #ShehnaazGill  #SidharthShukla  #AsimRiaz  #FairAndHonestSid

जिसको लगता है  #DeepakJhoothaHai No1 पर trend करेगा वो RT करे

Is He?  @Sidharth Shukla is called as one logical man in the house of  #BiggBoss13 & now fans took trend  #ManofWordSid, making it the top trend on Twitter! 😯  #BB13 |  #AsimRiaz |  #ShehnaazGill |  #RashamiDesai |  #SidNaaz |  #ParasChhabra |  @#BiggBoss_Tak👁️

 #BiggBoss13:  #RashamiDesai gets immense support from fans as they trend 'Queen Of Hearts Rashami' on Twitter -

“Under Obama, Pennsylvania lost manufacturing jobs in both of his terms — more than 45,000 in total. But since Trump entered the White House, Pennsylvania has gained nearly 23,000 jobs in manufacturing, a stunning reversal of the state’s long-term trend.”

Bigg Boss 13: Fans come out in support of Shehnaaz Gill post her fight with Sidharth Shukla, trend  #BornFighterSana  #AsimRiaz  #BiggBoss13  #SalmanKhan  #ShehnaazGill  #SidharthShukla

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