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spam🦋✨ relatable content 🤣

Ohio, USA

2019-07-29 19:43:28

a masterpiece 🤩

a masterpiece 🤩

If I’m not your cup of tea why you stay sippin me bitch?

u can’t force nobody to see that u a blessing u just gotta let em miss out.

i can be PETTY petty 😅.

anxiety hits different on a Saturday night

people be talking shit about you and then they’re like “Hi wassup with you . I like your outfit”LIKE THANKS TOXIC🤣

imagine a guy texting you first haha can’t relate 😭😭😭

Team Snapchat on Valentine’s Day:

Nobody: Team Snapchat on Valentine’s Day:

being rejected by your crush hits different

make mistakes,learn from them.


Come Thru Ft. @Usher Video out now..directed by @laceyduke 🖤

Come Thru Ft.  @Usher Raymond IV Video out now..directed by  @Lacey Duke 🖤 https://smarturl.it/ComeThruVideo

do y’all hate when your best friend leaves you on seen?or is it just me?😭

happy new year everyone!2020 finna be a lit one🤪🎊🥳💖

Me opening twitter in public:

Me opening twitter in public:

Merry Christmas y’all 🎄🎄

can’t wait for Christmas break so I can just stay in,eat and watch Netflix 🍿🤩

this week’s anxiety and depression hits different  #finals 😭

happy thanksgiving y’all 🍁🧡

I can literally unfollow my feelings for someone as I do with people on social media but I don’t want to🤡

choose people who choose you.

>>>Summer Walker,London On Da Track,Chris Brown on a song wheww teww🥺🥺💖


i fucking love @kashdoll

i fucking love  @#Stacked out now!

never let any bitch tell you who tf you are 😙

Chris Brown’s hit single “Heat” ft. Gunna has now surpassed 500,000 Shazam’s on @Shazam ! 🔥

Chris Brown’s hit single “Heat” ft. Gunna has now surpassed 500,000 Shazam’s on  @Shazam ! 🔥

my friends: are u okay? me: yeah i'm absolutely okay :) my headphones: Chris Brown - Indigo 1:26 ━━━❍────── 1:47 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ volume: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%


extra a$$ 🍒😋

extra a$$ 🍒😋

tf?I always tweet when no ones active lmao everytime 😩

okay but tbh getting your shit together is a move

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