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John Solomon is an award winning investigative journalist who has worked at AP, WaPo, TWT, Circa and The Hill.

2012-03-13 13:19:51

Breaking:  @Devin Nunes says he believes feds began investigating Trump campaign ties to Russia in late 2015, far earlier than the July 31, 2016 start date the FBI has given as official start for Crossfire Hurricane probe.

DOJ still hasn’t withdrawn first FISA warrant in Russia case even though IG found 51 serious problems, including 9 false statements and 9 misleading statements. Listen to why a little noticed appendix in Horowitz report could be impactful in weeks ahead.

How  @Ivanka Trump and her women empowerment efforts loom large over G20 summit in Saudi Arabia this weekend.

Former deputy attorney general George Terwilliger disputes media narrative about AG Barr: says career prosecutors should be subject to review on sentencing recommendations

An underreported issue to watch at this weekend’s G20: growing economic freedom for women in Saudi Arabia.

10 questions AG Bill Barr should answer on the Russia collusion case.

Will John Durham secure any plea deals or get players in Russia collusion caper to roll up on higher ups? Find out the latest.

How Trump’s decision to abandon Obama-era ransom payments has changed the way US is freeing hostages and detainees.

Trump counterterrorism official calls out Democrats for failing to more forcefully support recent strikes that killed some of world’s most notorious terrorists.

Trump’s NSC Counterterrorism chief says country still needs FISA but law needs to be reformed after Russia debacle.

Carter Page explains why he stayed silent about fact he was helping CIA when he was being accused of being a Russian agent. A remarkable interview.

Breaking: Russia probe figure Carter Page reveals he and his lawyers reported death threats in spring 2017 ... to the very FBI lawyer now accused of falsifying evidence against him. Listen to what happened after he raised concerns for his security.

Breaking: Mueller’s team was told by key witness in 2018 that Russia collusion evidence found in Ukraine was fabricated, memos show.

Great job Rising. Such a great show. Respectful. Bipartisan. Smart. And fact driven. Congrats  @Krystal Ball and  @Saagar Enjeti

Less than a month after @krystalball and I hit 200K, we’re now at 250k subscribers on YouTube. Thank you #Risers! For the rest of you..join us

Less than a month after  @Krystal Ball and I hit 200K, we’re now at 250k subscribers on YouTube. Thank you  #Risers! For the rest of you..join us

The London stabbing incident by a just freed terrorist is a cogent reminder that several defendants convicted after 9-11 are coming up on possible release from prison in the United States. Have we done enough to prevent repeat terrorists?

The Des Moines Democratic Disaster. What does the Iowa caucuses fiasco mean for the future of online voting?

Yes, the Twitter rumors and RCP story are true. My laptop got stolen on the eve of the impeachment trial. Listen to what happened and what investigators have found so far about any efforts to extract my Russia and Ukraine scandal documents.

Factual timeline conflicts with key Adam Schiff argument at impeachment trial. Ukraine started new Burisma probe months BEFORE Trump raised issue in call with Ukraine’s new president.

Wow. David Brody land an interview with VP Mike Pence on his first podcast for Just the News. You gotta listen. Lots of news about Middle East, impeachment and elections. Congrats ⁦ @David Brody

Did Ukraine try to influence the 2016 election against Donald Trump by releasing a document that might have been as suspect as the Steele dossier? Find out the latest.

Feinstein suggest she is leaning towards acquitting Trump in the impeachment trial.

With the Steele dossier now debunked, there is growing evidence that another key piece of Russia collusion evidence, the black ledger from Ukraine, may also be suspect.

Great column today from former FBI intel chief Kevin Brock on all the politics of investigation the last three years.

“ You get a sense that Adam Schiff and crew are kinda losing the audience by droning on so long,”Senator and impeachment juror Ron Johnson tells me. Here how senators may turn the tables on Schiff when the impeachment trial gets to the Q&A section.

More Than 120 Members of Congress Issue Letters of Support to Leading Anti-Israel Group

Think the media and Democrats have distorted the Ukraine narrative just like they did on Russia collusion? Listen to me debunk some of the biggest propaganda and false statements made during impeachment so far.

Joe Biden’s problem isn’t that he was smeared by an unfounded conspiracy theory. It is that he has failed to recognize he engaged in the appearance of a conflict of interest in Ukraine that he was ethically obligated to avoid.

The public evidence that debunks Joe Biden's Ukraine 'conspiracy theory' memo to US media

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