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2019-07-16 13:07:36

"The weirdly insulting world of Victorian Valentine's cards"

The only reason  #BlueLivesMatter exist is because  #BlackLivesMatter exist not once did the BLM movement ever insinuated or made others believe that cops lives don’t matter plus being black is not a choice unless you are Rachel Dolezal and we all know how that went down.

 @Maritza Pia  @FedEx Help Still unsolved. I never did get the package, nor did the sender. Unfortunately, it was an important package with my daughter’s visa in it. She had to deal with embassy to get another one & then leave the country and re-enter for visa to be valid. So it was an expensive ordeal. 🙁

 @Maritza Pia  @karen williams  @FedEx Never, they refused to pick up the package. I am still confused how they shipped a package to a return address instead of the shipping address and they refused numerous times to pick it up from our doorstep.

#fedex #fedexnightmare #deliverynightmare

 #fedex  #fedexnightmare  #deliverynightmare

#deliverynightmare #fedexnightmare

 #deliverynightmare  #fedexnightmare

😱😱😱😱#deliverynightmare #fedexnightmare #fedex

😱😱😱😱 #deliverynightmare  #fedexnightmare  #fedex

#fedex wouldn't trust them with medical supplies it seems
#deliverynightmare #fedexnightmare

 #fedex wouldn't trust them with medical supplies it seems  #deliverynightmare  #fedexnightmare

#fedexnightmare #fedex because it's truly a nightmare.

 #fedexnightmare  #fedex because it's truly a nightmare.

2020 was suppose to be my year but  @FedEx decided it wouldn't be.

 @J.A.S. (Jim)🧢  @FedEx  @Cec  @Electric Blue🧢  @gordon mettam  @Bourdyot  @HuskyInExile  @KENCO I'm going through a  @FedEx nightmare and public shame seems like a good way to get their attention. On Jan 27 I order a dressform which is a professional mannequin for dressmakers and fashion designers from  @Roxy Display Inc. through I needed this mannequin because I'm...

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