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Retired RN. Reside in AZ Philly girl at heart, Conservative, Trumpster, #KAG 2020.

Mesa, AZ

2017-06-25 21:13:11

The following should share in Harvey Weinstein conviction: Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Michelle Obama, Woody Allen and so many political and Hollywood elites. You knew.... You all knew.....and did nothing.

Dear libs, If President Trump is such a racist, why did 100,000+ Indians overflow the world’s largest cricket stadium to watch him speak? And did you notice how every single one of those 100,000+ people stood for the American national anthem? Wake up & smell the roses.

Our President @realdonaldtrump and @flotus signed the guest book at Gandhi Ashram. ❤️🇺🇸💙🇮🇳

Our President  @Donald J. Trump and  @Melania Trump signed the guest book at Gandhi Ashram. ❤️🇺🇸💙🇮🇳

I'm up will share my reported later written over weekend

 @Charles V Payne Are you up yet? The futures aren't looking so good and we may need some market analysis.

Almost 90,000 followers and my tweets are all getting under 400 likes today. Hmmmm......🤔 Words can be dangerous, I guess.

Similarly,  @General Flynn has been very vocal about Islamic terrorism. What happens to General Flynn does affects us all. Prayers for him and his family. 🙏🏻 Respect to the family of this man, Phil Haney, and may the incriminating information that he had, be still brought forward.

Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured his life by archiving data that incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration. Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. RIP, Phil. https://pgj.cc/kxRCx5

You’re like one of the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin or antibiotics.

Lady you need to look in the mirror-- This is unbelievable coming from one of the most partisan Democrat judges ever  #SCOTUS: Sotomayor issues blistering dissent, says Republican-appointed justices have bias toward Trump administration https://fxn.ws/3c1aQQB  #MAGA

AJC stands in solidarity with the residents of southern Israel as they come under attack by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza tonight. We pray for the thousands of Israeli families huddled in bomb shelters and strongly reaffirm Israel's right to self-defense. https://www.timesofisrael.com/20-rockets-fired-at-south-following-gaza-border-clashes-no-injuries/

Chris Wallace once again, being rude and confrontational to Marc Short, the Republican. He should just become head of the DNC.  @FoxNewsSunday  #ChrisWallace  #FoxNews  #SundayThoughts

Clinton Stewart is a free man thanks to President @realDonaldTrump.
The First Step Act is in full affect.

Clinton Stewart is a free man thanks to President  @Donald J. Trump. The First Step Act is in full affect.

BFTP: "If Trump elected, Wall Street would face a Brexit-like stock plunge. Wall Street is set up for a major crash if Donald Trump shocks the world on Election Day and wins the White House." https://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/donald-trump-wall-street-effect-markets-230164

At the end of the day, we will look back as a country & thank  @Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the way that the U.K can thank  @Jeremy Corbyn for awakening an otherwise sleeping nation to the looming threat of communism. Nothing sobers a nation that is drunk on liberalism quite like a bold lunatic.

"She's the Jeremy Corbyn of America... She's So Boldly Saying They Want These Lunatic Policies" - Candace Owens DUNKS on Socialist Darling AOC (Video)  @Candace Owens  @Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  @SundayMorningFutures  @Maria Bartiromo https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/shes-the-jeremy-corbyn-of-america-shes-so-boldly-saying-the... via  @Jim Hoft

You all need to verify your own network. Sadly  #CNN has become synonymous with fake news or badly vetted research. Every one of these embarrassments sinks you further. Dan Rather and Brian Williams are remembered only as fakers. Don’t let it happen to you. Do better.

CNN: US intelligence briefer appears to have overstated assessment of 2020 Russian interference, from ⁦ @Jeremy Diamond⁩ ⁦ @Zachary Cohen⁩ and me https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/23/politics/intelligence-briefer-russian-interference-trump-sanders/inde...

 #BREAKING Judge Jackson denies  #RogerStone Motion filed late Friday that she should recuse herself from deciding his request for a new trial. Jackson had thanked the jury after the trial despite knowing that the jury was tainted by anti trump forewoman. Just so wrong

Chris Wallace is auditioning for Anti-Trump Spokesman for Fox News. He is a shoo-in for the title. There’s no end to my disgust for trump-hating, biased idiot.

If you want your job, your paycheck, your healthcare, or your child’s education in the hands of a guy who has never had a job, earned a paycheck, worked in healthcare , or taught a child, then vote for Bernie. He’s your guy.

Trump gets a hero's welcome in India.

Trump gets a hero's welcome in India.

If Sen. Sanders wins the nomination, some Democrats worry President Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR. https://nbcnews.to/39ZTDFt

Some top intelligence officials are looking to leave following the recent upheaval at the office that oversees the 17 intelligence agencies, including the appointment of Richard Grenell as the nation's top intelligence official, a US official said https://cnn.it/2vUPT9l

Trump and Melania in Gandhi’s home

Trump and Melania in Gandhi’s home

This isn’t Cuba, Venezuela or the USSR. 2020 may be the year Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Socialists take over the Democratic Party, but it better not be the year they take over the United States of America.


As President ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ took the stage, this was the crowd OUTSIDE in Nevada (a BLUE state)‼️


As President ⁦ @Donald J. Trump⁩ took the stage, this was the crowd OUTSIDE in Nevada (a BLUE state)‼️ UNREAL ⬇️

Epstein got killaried. Seth Rich got Killaried. Philip Haney got Killaried. If I where Bernie I’d sleep with one eye open. The fact not a single law enforcement agancy, DOJ or anyone has given us any answers should scare the crap out of everyone. Deep State is in a panic.

Two Sets Of Rules: DIA Employee Charged With Leaking While FBI Leakers Walk Away https://saraacarter.com/two-sets-of-rules-dia-employee-charged-with-leaking-while-fbi-leakers-walk-a...

Difference between losers and winners is that losers focus on negative thoughts and act negatively craving what they don’t have instead than building on what they have , winners build on their blessing and act in a positive constructive manner.  #cutnegativepeople

Go to any country in the world and tell their govt that you’re ENTITLED to the same benefits as citizens. Let me know how that goes. This prick ks insane.

Bernie Sanders: illegal immigrants are "entitled" to the same government benefits as citizens

Bernie Sanders: illegal immigrants are "entitled" to the same government benefits as citizens

Attacking POTUS turns people into "authors,"  #Resist heroes and instant millionaires. Pretty lucrative and easy gig, right? 🙄 https://www.waynedupree.com/impeachment-star-witness-book-deal/

Why do so many Government Whistleblowers commit suicide.... 🤔

BREAKING: Roger Stone’s lawyers filed a motion for judicial disqualification so Judge Amy Berman-Jackson won’t oversee any potential retrial She’s proven her extreme bias time & time again Not only should she be removed from his case She should be removed from the bench! RT

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