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2009-05-21 17:41:12

‘PREPARE FOR PANDEMIC’: San Francisco Declares Citywide ‘State of Emergency’ Over Coronavirus

BREAKING NOW: Federal Court Sides With Trump, Says Feds CAN Withhold Funds from ‘Sanctuary Cities’

CRUZ MISSILE: Sotomayor’s Attacks on Trump ‘Like an Arsonist Complaining About the Fire Trucks’

ABC EXPOSED! Undercover Footage Shows Veteran Reporter Saying Network Won’t ‘Give Trump Credit’

Dem Debate So Bad Even Liberal Hollywood Was Ashamed

McCONNELL ON FIRE: "That’s why I call myself the Grim Reaper. We will not have the Green New Deal and we will not have Medicare-For-None as long as I am Majority Leader of the Senate."

CARVILLE ON DEMS: ‘Elizabeth Warren Hates Bloomberg More Than She Wants to Win’

Democrats’ Long History of Loving Fidel Castro

RUBIO ON HANNITY: Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist, He’s a Marxist

COMRADE BERNIE: Sanders Says Fidel Castro’s Literacy Program ‘Not a Bad Thing!’

‘PREPARE FOR PANDEMIC’: San Francisco Declares Citywide ‘State of Emergency’ Over Coronavirus

HANNITY: Bernie Says Fidel Castro’s ‘Literacy Programs’ Made Communism Worth It

AOC: "I can’t tell you how many times the people who handle your food - who are already overworked & underpaid - show up sick to work because our country refuses to guarantee healthcare..."

Biden: ‘150 Million People Have Been Killed’ By Gun Violence Since 2007 (45% of US Population)

Bloomberg Stumbles, Claims he ‘Bought’ the 2018 Midterm Elections

Bloomberg Stumbles, Claims he ‘Bought’ the 2018 Midterm Elections

Oldest Group of Prez Candidates Refuse to Release Medical Records

...The “Deep State, 2 tiered justice system strikes again”

...She funneled the $ through a law firm. The NYT finally concluded my reporting was not only correct but that the dirty dossier was “likely Russian disinformation from the beginning”When is she going to be (extradited) & charged? .⁦ @Hillary Clinton

On January 3, 2017 . @WikiLeaks Julian Assange answered the “Russia Question” repeatedly in my interview with him. We now know . @Hillary Clinton paid for a dirty Russian Dossier full of lies about Donald Trump to impact the 2016 election...

REPORT: Man Who Helped Create Bernie’s Criminal Justice Reform Plan ‘Facing Two Felony Charges’

.. In 252 days “We The People” become the ultimate jury. In 252 day’s the question is will “We The People” shock the Mob and the world again. We report, you will decide.

.. I want to thank everyone on my radio and TV team, all of our great guests, and all of you that listen and watch. You make this possible...

.. We were right about HRC’s bought and paid for unverifiable (now debunked) Russian dossier, FISC fraud, and deep state actors that were corrupt and abused their power in a multitude of ways..

.. We were vindicated and proven right about our reporting on HRC’s server with top secret and Classified info, and about her deletions of subpoenaed emails, bleach bit and hammers...

.. For 3 plus years the media mob has peddled lies, slander, smears, one conspiracy theory after another, one hoax after another and it’s hurting this great country...

... Our entire team works diligently daily to bring our audience the truth, and news and information the media mob ignores...

I am humbled and extremely grateful to the greatest and most loyal audience in all of television. While I don’t take myself seriously, I do take my job and responsibility very seriously....

Bernie Unveils His $1,500,000,000,000 Plan for ‘Free’ Childcare for All

 #HANNITY TONIGHT: 2020 Politics goes into full swing ahead of the SC Primary & Super Tuesday! Guests:  @Marco Rubio,  @Geraldo Rivera, David Schoen,  @Lawrence B. Jones III,  @Charlie Hurt, Tony Sayegh,  @Rep Andy Biggs,  @Gregg Jarrett &  @Karl Rove.

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