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2012-05-24 05:07:56


 @tracy vert Fax bro this girl at my work wears these crusty ass white vans

Bitches be having theee worst dirtiest shoes on😅😅😅😅😅😅

Ima drop dt2 exclusively to my friends and fam cus I know they’ll appreciate it

Like this why I’m not dropping dt2 tired of being mistreated

Listen to 비가 올 때 쏟아진다 *prod callari & 5heriff* by lil tracy  #np on  #SoundCloud Why do people think I’m so trash what have I done that’s so trash please tell me

Listen to lil tracy - like a farmer (prod. gren8) by lil tracy  #np on  #SoundCloud

Listen to lil tracy - rain rain go away (prod. koren) by lil tracy  #np on  #SoundCloud

Teejayx6 fire stupid prolly listen to the radio

Summrs, lil Tracy, Gavin weiland, autumns, teejayx6, Quando rondo,

Miss my brothers 💔

i wanna be jstash so bad lol

I honestly should just give up


I cant believe i got 18yrs wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ugly ass boa

Havnt really been angry in a long time

Eat some food


Ghost and Tight Rope have both hit a million streams on Spotify!!

i want lil tracy 2 blow up so bad

 @tracy vert Im in the bathtub, im getting a backrub okay my house big as hell iont even gotta leeeaave


I’m blessed to be alive and able to get money,, I wish my brothers was here !

Can’t sleep

Who tf is lil tracy

@tracyminajjjjj meant to send this one on god

 @tracy vert meant to send this one on god

It’s just a joke

On god that shit difficult as hell

 @tracy vert fire game, the combat just weird af

Can we do a video too?

 @tracy vert wanna let the past go and make a song?

am I the only person that plays kingdom deliverance

 @tracy vert I was bumping all of DT @ work today.

Have you heard ‘lil tracy - 1MILLION DEGREES (prod. tadeo hill)’ by lil tracy on  #SoundCloud?  #np

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